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'You're as happy as you let yourself be and you're as depressed as you believe you are.'

These words infuriate me to no end. Do not EVER say “you are as depressed as you believe you are” depression is NOT about believing you are depressed. Depression is hell, depression is a chemical imbalance in your brain, depression makes you feel like you are drowning. I have struggled with depression for years but, jeez, thanks I NEVER thought that believing I’m not depressed will make me better! Wow! You should go talk to my psychiatrist who has been trying to help me improve for a year since I landed in hospital.


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Hey guys!

Check out this blog. It is amazing, and inspiring and you will be able to think about an amazing future when you recover or stabilise your mental illness. 


(btw there is a link on the ‘this’ sorry it’s hard to tell on the kind of blog we have)

Recovery can be tough, but if you ever need any advice Callie and I are happy to help <3